Bobby McGee
It was ‘You, Me & Bobby McGee’ during DC’s afternoon bumper to bumper olympics. Bobby’s light delivery kept the drive home under control. Mixed with the best Top 40 music of the day, Bobby always sounded like he was having fun. This can be verified by some of his engineers and what went on behind the scenes. Bobby was last known to be in Florida.
Another Air Check
Bobby Making Double Cash Call
Besides using the name Bobby McGee in the DC area, Rick Morgan was heard around Tampa Bay in late 1963, using the name Rick Shaw at WALT radio. Amazing enough, there was a jock across town at WLCY named Swinging Sweeney who sounded an awful lot like Rick Shaw. They were the same guy! Rick Morgan pulled it off so well that he even dared use a 3rd name, George Hamilton Curry, while doing news. He was one of the quickest wits in broadcasting and people still talk of some joke he told that they laughed their asses over! Rick started in radio in 1961 in Springfield, Illinois at WCVS. He had odd jobs at the station, mow the lawn, clean the latrine, everything. It paid off for Morgan who then moved to WKEE in Huntington, West Virginia where he excelled in the afternoon drive slot. Florida was next on the docket and he never left. Morgan spent time at WDAE as their morning man, at WFLA, WLCY, WWBA, Life 680, and has voiced many commercials. Morgan’s voice is the soothing, soft seller that targets women. Rick was also an outstanding singer and once while at WLCY his songs were played on the air, he won the battle of the singing DJs. Definite Tampa Bay Radio Hall of Fame! Rick Morgan was 72 when he died at Bayfront Medical Center's Hospice Unit shortly after 3 pm Christmas Day 2012. Morgan was surrounded by family and passed peacefully. He had been battling cancer and in early December was given a very grave forecast.