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...joined NBC in the late '60s when everybody did everything. It was a tremendous thrill for a kid right out of college to work with Mac McGarry, Willard Scott, Eddie Walker, David Brinkley, etc. Mike worked operations until 1974 when he became a construction/maintenance engineer. As the radio division started to crumble in 1987, he moved to TV and eventually into 5 years of management. The last 4 years at NBC were spent as a NewsChannel field producer. Mike and the peacock separated after 27 years. He still loves radio and says he "really misses spinning the records". He keeps very busy as a freelancer helping out major companies such as NBC and FOX with their engineering problems. Mike will cover The Great 98 and other formats leading up to its success.
Mike        Berry Skip McCloskey
...was hired as an engineer by NBC/WRC in 1972 only about 1 month before the arrival of The Greaseman. Since the two of them were newcomers, they were teamed up together with Skip as his board op. Skip remained with NBC until 1987 when GE started tearing its radio division apart. Since then he has been involved with two small stations (Hilton Head, SC and Ocean City, MD) where he was chief engineer, morning man, news guy, operations manager and several other positions including, yes, making sure the toilets flush. Skip is employed with the Fox News Channel working out of its Washington bureau. He does audio for "Special Report with Bret Baier". Skip will overlap his recollections with Mike and take you beyond The Great 98.
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