Jack Harris Jack’s Book
Jack Harris Unwrapped! is a collection of humorous essays expressing his unique point of view on a variety of topics and life's musings. He shares personal photos of himself taken with many of the celebrities he's interviewed over the years. It also features a special section with his favorite, time-tested "Florida Cracker" recipes gathered from family and friends. Originally hailing from Logan, West Virginia University with a B.A. in history and served in the U.S. Army as a lieutenant for two years, including a year in Viet Nam. You can get Jack's book at BUY.COM
Jack Harris WFLA Publicity Shot
Jack can also be heard on our internet station Web Radio Classics 6am - Noon Eastern
Jack replaced JMW when new management took over. 'Harris In The Morning' lasted into the Disco Days of KYS which was strange mix since Jack hailed from West Virginia and still had a touch of the accent. Known as Your Jocular Cracker Jack Crack Jock Jack, Harris had a ton of bits to keep audiences entertained. And just like his predecessor, Jack had a tape-sped-up sidekick...Moose, the time tone. When he left, Jack headed back to sunny Florida to WFLA and is doing very well .
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